Painting the "Jungle of Nool"

This week we painted the backdrop for" Seussical".  We started Wednesday afternoon, as the building we had permission to paint in is slated to be demolished on Sunday (today).  So we squeezed in a few hours each day hoping our backdrop wouldn't be at the bottom of the rubble!

This is it on Thursday... I forgot my camera on the day we did the drawing.

This is me adding the red.

On Friday night we added the remaining colors (all the photos are of me but Mike, Chloe and Phoebe were helping too!)

This is before we add blacks...

This is where we finished on Friday night...

This is me painting on Saturday afternoon. I'm wearing the same outfit again because these are the clothes I managed to get paint on through the big white jumpsuit I wore while painting the mural!

As you can see from this monkey close-up, the fabric wrinkled quite a bit after we primed it. This made it really hard to draw on, and pretty hard to paint.

The nice thing about painting in a building that's coming down is no one cared if we got paint everywhere!

By 5:30pm on Saturday we were done. Then late last night we rolled up the dry backdrop and got it the heck out of there!!


I feel I must say again this was NOT a solo effort. Mike and Phoebe were always behind the camera. Chloe won't let me show anyone photos of her painting in the big white painting jumpsuit we bought!

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