Moving on

This is a photo of 210 W103rd Street on the upper west side of New York City.  I found it on Google maps.  I used to live in this building with Mike ages ago.  The three windows to the right of the door is where our apartment was.  Empty crack viles littered the ground here like cigarette butts.  I lived here for three months before I figured out what they were.  My art desk was set up near the third window.  One night while I carefully painted my illustration for school a drunk, homeless man began to chatter at me through the open window.  He was half a foot from my face and I could smell the gin wafting in. So why do I feel so nostalgic looking at this?

This week I wrapped up my preliminary work on "Final Resting Place".
If he answers, Roger, there's no turning back!

When I count to three...

The final image I did is actually a flash animation called "Close your eyes and sleep." 
Click on the link as it just wouldn't post here on blogger (I'm not sure why). So now this project is passing out of my hands in to the hands of the talented artists, animators and film makers out there, who are also involved.  (Soon a website will be up with more information on that!)

Today we move on to priming the backdrop for "Seussical".  Maybe I'll get some not so boring photos of this to post.  We're also out to Arizona this Presidents Day weekend.  Cheers!


Dog Island said…
I love your blog so artistic! My 21year old daughter just flew to Cali this past month. I miss her so much. She went over to join her boyfriend and to start a new life. She has been telling me it's in the 70's there now. So jealous since we are getting another storm here in Pa this week. Argh..I really hate the winters anymore. Hope you stop over and join my blog:)

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