Everything in life is somewhere else, and you get there in a car. ~E.B. White

I'm in the "Chauffeur" stage of parenting.... *sigh*.... I hate to drive. I really hate driving in San Diego, and I've figured out why. All these other people keep getting in their cars and drive around every single time I need to drive as well. I guess that means I don't hate driving, I hate that everyone else drives too. Of course it doesn't help that we live surrounded by 3 or 4 malls and it's a holiday shopping frenzy....

As you may have noticed I have some more images from the film I'm working on, "Final Resting Place". This is the scene where the dim-witted newlywed decides to get buried alive by a carney for some cash to pay for his car. If it weren't for these somewhat moronic characters, most horror stories would have no plot and never move past the first scene.

"He won't be alive for long!"

"Who, sir, are you?!!"

"Roger Kent"

"hmmm... $500.00 would pay for the car."

So remember everyone...
Leave sooner, drive slower, live longer.
I have some shopping left to do. I think I'll walk to the mall...


Great art work! We live by an outlet mall! We know back roads!
Merry Christmas!
Thanks! Here in the city the back roads are just as backed up. Just a few more shopping days though!:)
carol l mckenna said…
MA drivers are running a close second, I think to crazy drivers! Your art work? It is great ~ get your name on there ~ hugs and namaste ~ cz:)
Hey Carol,
Massachusetts drivers have a nation wide reputation-definitely worse than here. I'm so glad you like my work. Since these images are for a film, I can't sign them. :)

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