And away we go!

The day after Christmas we packed our car (after thoroughly sucking up the flood water from the floors!), and headed out....

Into the mountains.  Passing falling rocks signs do not make me feel good here....

Of course, it didn't bother everyone...

We drove and drove for six hours...

Through the California desert.

To my father's condo in Phoenix, Arizona.  Seven months have passed since the last time we checked on it.  This was apparently way too long!  When we arrived at 9pm we found the place had been burglarized.  The TV was gone, the couch was gone, the bed was gone.... So many things including, a much needed coffee maker for the next morning!  We bought air beds at Walmart and called the police, then we spent some time working on the over grown garden the next day....

And collecting lemons from the tree...

As I pondered making lemonade the girls ate them up!

After securing the condo and leaving a light on, we headed north to meet up with family...

Driving in the mountains is amazing around here!

This is a rest stop on the way!

Even with the hat on I still got a sunburn!

Just 2 hours and we were in Cottonwood!

Where we finally met Mike's brand new first cousin Roy Peter!

Together we headed over to Sedona to hike in Red Rock Park...

This is a beautiful region.

Chloe in her cow hat enjoying the scenery!

We hiked to the Wheel House.

Still keeping my hat on!

The pretty little creek...

Run to the river!

I'm not running.

Mike got to hold the baby!

Balanced rocks in the woods.

An amazing day in an amazing place!



Love and Grace , always !

Be happy !

Be well !
Glad you had a nice trip to AZ. Sorry to hear about the burglary. Thanks for sharing photos of the flood. That's a mess! Glad you guys are ok!
Happy New Year!
oneperson said…
This was an awesome photo journal of the trip. You have a beautiful family.

Bummer on the burglary. :-( As my husband has stated to me in the past, "It's stuff. Stuff can be replace; people can't."

Nice to meet you!
~carol welch (Oneperson at
Arizona is a beautiful state... I'd like to see more of it actually. :)

Have a great 2011 .
Carol E Wyer said…
I am so glad we met on Bloggers. What a talented person you are. I have really enjoyed reading this post and snooping around your blog. I hope 2011 brings you much happiness and I look forward to reading more. Following you here and on Bloggers.
Carol from - the blog that gives you laughter lines (put off yet?)
william2233 said…
Nice pictures from a children author

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