Build-A-Bear Birthday Bash

This week Naomi hit the ripe old age of seven, so a celebration was in order. What better way to celebrate than to gather old friends to make new friends!

Just walk in the store.

Pick your new friend out of the bin, and give it a big hug.

This is the part where they parade about with the animal skins on their heads. As you can see in the background I'm a bit jealous that I don't have the skin of my new friend on my head.

This is the heart bin.

Now everyone selects a heart.

Give it some lovin' and then put it in the birthday girl's new bear! Naomi's bear gets loads of hearts. All the bears get a heart, you can even get a beating one! (How creepy is that!)

Time to stuff her!

... And sew her!

Naomi and her new friend "Bon Bon"

Phoebe's new friend is "Bo Bo" and Chloe made "Jonas"!

Here they are at the end with all their new bear friends.

Happy Birthday Naomi!!


Build a Bear is fun! I've done it a couple times. Once to send to a friend who was going through chemo treatments. Once for a bear for a soldier who lost a friend in Iraq. Too fun! I want to get a bunny sometime, cuz I collect bunnies but don't really need another one! Happy week!

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