Surfing Dogs!

By this I mean dogs surfing in the ocean... on waves. Not so much on the internet (which I'd also like to see!).
With the Small Press Idol contest in full swing, we felt we needing to get away from checking how many votes our project The People That Melt in the Rain has on a minute to minute basis!

So, yes, here in San Diego, today we went to the annual "Surf Dog Competition" at Imperial Beach. My kids love dogs and the beach so it seemed like a good plan.
As we drove down to the contest, my kids it seems were expecting something like this....

While I was pretty sure that particular dog wouldn't be there, I myself didn't know what to expect. When we got to the beach we found this great statue of a surfer.

It was full of fanciful creatures!

Here's Phoebe clowning around.

But, now we were ready to hit the beach!

Phoebe took a moment to meet some contestants.

Naomi headed straight for the water, got caught in a wave then wiped out by the dogs... Here she is right after. I think she may be on the news tonight. :)

After getting drenched she decided to check out the dogs.

Here we have two contestants being brought to their boards.

And their owners are gearing them up to surf... They did do it! ( We didn't get the shot though)

Here is another dog starting off...

Go surf dog!!

This guy needed some help.

Most dogs are so loyal and eager to please they'll put up with whatever crazy plan their owners have for the day. All of these pups really loved being in the crowd on the beach, but not so much loving the standing, drenched and shivering on a surf board thing.

Oh well! Only in Southern California!


We also have a dog surf contest here in Del Mar at Doggy beach. Actually they practice all year long and some of those dogs, you can't get them off the board any more than you can get some of these kids, (like mine) off theirs. Most of them love to surf and to be out there with their owners. One more thing to love about Cali!
They were probably looking nervouse with all the cameras on them, plus it was very cold and windy!

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