The Phoenix Fairy and a roach invasion

We are in Phoenix, staying in my Dad's place, while we attend the Phoenix comic con. We're also making sure the condo here is in good shape, which it is, aside from some weeds and some scary, big roaches (not the scariest I've seen though, they live in NYC above a Chinese food restaurant). These guys are cowards, we've chased them out already...

Unfortunately we are still in the middle of the Small Press Idol competition and we have severely limited internet access, (meaning we're swiping spotty signals from the neighbors.).
Hopefully we will find somewhere legit to go today...I've already tried a Starbucks. They made me buy a Starbucks card to use their internet, and a sparkling water to activate it, and then, because they're incredibly lame, I still couldn't get online and I hate them. So even though you haven't seen me pestering you on Facebook, I hope you've remembered to vote!

Yesterday my 11yr old daughter had one of her molars fall out. She seemed excited about it and wandered off holding it. Three hours later she lost it, and this is our basic conversation...
"Mom, I lost my tooth!"
"You did? Oh no! I'm sure the Phoenix Tooth Fairy will find it!"
This is the part where she rolled on the floor laughing and gasping for breath.
"Ok,so you don't believe in the tooth fairy. I know I stink at this, you can stop laughing, now " I said turning bight red, like I do when I'm embarrassed, hot, cold, happy, sad or drunk. "How about I give you a dollar now and you pretend to your sisters that the Phoenix fairy is awesome?"
At this she managed to catch her breath and grin. "Ok, Mom!"
And then I paid her off.


Lily said…
ROFL!! Enjoy your trip :)

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