The Magical Circle

Today was my birthday and Mother's Day, so of course it was time for another outing. We went up to Escondido to see "Queen Califia's Magical Circle", a sculpture installation by French artist Niki De Saint Phalle. She has other work we've seen in Balboa Park so I thought this would be fun.
It was better than I'd even imagined- like entering another fantastic world!
I have so many photo's it's almost overwhelming!

This giant brown snake, is in Kit Carson Park near the sculpture garden.

Then we entered the maze.

Phoebe and Naomi ran ahead!

This is a fabulous picture of me... blinking!

As we exit the maze there was a courtyard with a giant bird creature in the center. Underneath was the egg!

Entering the "Room" under the bird was remarkable.

This is the ceiling... Like a glittering night sky!

The totems around the courtyard were amazing and each so unique!

I liked this one with the funny face!

The girls played...

... Ran around.

... and then laid down!

An amazing day and a great birthday! Now for some cake. :)


Three thing you should know about "Queen Califia's Magical Circle"...
1. Photos don't really capture it!
2. It's closed on Monday.
3. It's free to the public!
Dave King said…
Incredible! Wish I'd been there.
Hen Jen said…
wow, beautiful photos! I've heard of this place, but I've never been, which is shocking-having lived in So. Ca my whole life!

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