Same giant planet-Great new look!

Whether they find life there or not, I think Jupiter should be called an enemy planet.-from Jack Handy's "Deep Thoughts"

I once read that our solar system was supposed to be a binary one with two suns (which is apparently more common), but Jupiter punked out. It's like it decided to be the biggest, hugest planet around, instead of a second class star.

Anyway in the last few weeks they've discovered Jupiter's bands have changed...

Apparently it has to do with changing weather patterns, though that giant "size of the planet earth" storm is still where it's always been. I really don't get it. Here on earth the weather shifts constantly and storms don't stay in one spot on the planet like a giant pimple... It's just weird! little life has been rolling along. We're almost ready to send our Round#3 entry into Small Press Idol and the voting madness starts next week! We're also forming a team to enter the US Open Sandcastle Competition at Imperial Beach for next August.... Should be great fun and the plan is to WIN! :)


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