Update on Phoebe and new books

Phoebe has just finished her sophmore year at the University of Arizona! Since this summer's plan is to stay on for summer classes she is spending a few weeks in New York City with friends before returning to school. She's also working and will be starting on her other job with Biosphere2, so she's quite busy. I do wish she could come to Mexico, but I understand.
In other news, Mike has a new graphic novel out that looks beautiful, from Cedar Run Books.

It's a comic book adaption of Edgar Rice Burrough's "I am a Barbarian". He's been working on this steadily for over four years.
It's really an incredible acheivement and I look forward to seeing his copies of it when it arrives.
This is a photo of my book Dragon Stones at a children's book store in Colorado Springs. It's been doing quite well in the reviewer's response so far Here is one from The Canadian Reporter and one from the Serendipity Mommy website
Also the Japanese ebook version of Dragon Stones is now available-Which was so challenging to get listed in bookshops online for some reason.
I just recieved my hardcover copy in Japanese today, and can I just say it looks excellent.
I'm really happy with how this looks.
Anyway, if you're in the States, have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend, and if you're in Mexico "Feliz fin de semana".


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