Plague Days 2020: Keeping busy

Today I learned how pineapples grow. We found this plant sitting innocently on the side of the road. I thought someone left a small pineapple on it, but no. It is actually growing there.

Last week Chloe, Naomi, and I finished the 1000 piece puzzle we'd been working on as lockdown here rolls on. I think we need to get another one!

   After we finished the puzzle the girls got pretty antsy so we went out late and explored the abandoned mansion up the street.

It's a massive place and was obviously quite majestic in it's time.

When you abandon a place in the tropics, nature takes it back quickly. This is a room full of roots coming down from the ceiling.

One of many stairways.

Another staircase.

An awful photo of bats. (There were bats everywhere!)

After this, we made a failed attempt to buy some wine. Yes, selling alcohol is legal again! However, we went out after 8pm and every convenience store in Mexico has weird hours when you can buy it. It's too bad I really wanted a drink, I had just finished reading a crazy book about a haunted house called "The House of Leaves" and I think this place freaked me out way more than it should have.

Anyway, I continue to make progress on my webcomic "The Dragon in The Closet" each day.
I'm drawing the series in a collection of sketchbooks. Then I scan the image and color it digitally. Coloring is a slow process but I'm getting there!

  In other news, I seem to be congested today so of course, that means I'm dying of COVID19. It's awesome living in these terrifying times. Stay safe and read my webcomic. ;)


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