Plague Days 2020: I think it's Thursday

 So this week, or was it yesterday? Who can even tell anymore? I brought Mike into the cardiologist. The office is on the seventh floor and even though it's in the middle of the city we see the ocean from the window. Unironically I can say it made my heart ache (we were at the cardiologist).

 I miss walking on the beach. I miss going into stores without a mask. Now they check our temperatures when we enter the supermarket and half the store is blocked off. So just buying food and cleaning supplies is allowed. A few days ago at I walked to the pharmacy and stood in a "disinfectant tray" while they helped me find what I needed from the doorway, unfortunately, I was wearing sandals. The crazy part is, even with these very serious measures, the mayor, his wife, the head of the Dept of Fisheries, and several other people in the government just tested positive for COVID19 yesterday.

Early this week I relaunched my webcomic series for kids called "The Horribles". Take a peek, and subscribe if you have kids! I'm uploading a new chapter each Sunday!

Late last week I did another virtual chalk event for "Reston Public Art". I decided to make this "Desert Unicorn" for their Fantasy Theme. They are running the stay at home chalk program all month so why not?!

May has been tough because well it was my birthday. I was supposed to be spending it watching Chloe graduate college in Missouri. Instead, we had a cake on our patio, which was nice and a special dinner made by my kids, also really nice. Chloe had an online toast with her classmates. Maybe I should take her picture with her cap on. I feel so bad because she worked so hard for this.

Anyway, I've reopened my mask store on etsy. Orders have already started, so I guess that's good. I'm still anxious about driving to town and using the post office, but we all do what we have to.

I'm also continuing to work hard on my webcomic "The Dragon in The Closet". Another fantasy story for kids...

"Orin Bean has terrible luck and a problem with monsters. Also, his Nana seems to be a powerful witch, but he's really a perfectly normal boy who just happens to have a dragon in the closet. What kid wouldn't want that?"

I update this story every Saturday and am fortunately about 17 weeks ahead on the art right now.

I hope you're all doing well in these crazy times. I've heard Phoenix is opening casinos, bars, and restaurants this weekend. I hope my friends there are safe and use caution as this virus is quite scary.
Take care until next time.


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