Plague Days 2020: Mexico enters Phase II

Our new face masks drying on the line
      Mexico has entered "Phase II" is the big news this week. It means they have now detected community spread of COVID-19 (which I'm sure has been going on for some time) and they are now testing more widely. They have also closed bars, restaurants, and all hotels and resorts. That means Chloe and Carson have left the hotel quarantine we tried to set up and moved in downstairs.

Mike in his apocalypse gear
     We purchased these masks from a home for runaway girls who have been making them and earning some money in this pandemic. I bought them because now that I'm feeling better I'd like to walk the dog and get out of the house also there were some rumors that they may be required to leave the house, but no one is wearing them, so....

   Mornings are nice, with the Banda music playing in the distance echoing around the neighborhood. Pots and pans clanging as the neighbors clean their dishes, and of course, the weather here is perfect with cool ocean breezes and warm sunny days.

      This photo was recently shared with me. It's one of my masks in use during a music video shoot in New York City (back when doing these things were possible). New York is, of course, the center of the worldwide outbreak right now with the cases of COVID-19 surpassing Wuhan, China. It's worse every time I look and I'm quite worried about my friends and family in the area. (By the way, my friend Amira is doing better and is on the mend in Morocco.)
   Recently I noticed a trend on twitter #GraciasChina, and I thought "Ugh, more backlash racism over this virus", but it was actually because China just gifted Mexico with 50 million test kits for COVID-19. So that was nice to see.

       In the meantime,  I'm still painting strange creatures in my creature design sketchbook, and I'm assisting Mike with some coloring work for Forbidden Futures Magazine.  Now that I'm feeling better I really need to get back to work on building some classes for Creative Quarantine. If you're bored (who isn't!! ), and have a minute (who doesn't!) you should really check out Mike's new website,!! It looks awesome.😁


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