Plague Days 2020; Pre-Quarantine

  Yes, you read that right, we're not yet under quarantine. Mexico like a lot of countries is not doing the kind of testing they should for this virus, so officially there are only 203 cases nationwide. All businesses are still open. Schools are closed though, including the one that Naomi works at.

      I'm seeing a lot of parents in the States who are quarantined with small children and they really seem to need some help. So I'm starting art classes for kids age 5-17 taught through the Zoom app. I'm trying to keep it cheap so it's only $5 a class. I just started a page on Facebook for now and by Monday I hope to have some classes listed and ready for sign-ups. 

         I'm also working on my webcomic, "The Dragon in The Closet", which should go live this year. It's going faster getting this done now that we are self-isolating at home. I've also signed up for an Earth Day Chalk Festival that is virtual on the week of April 20th. So I'll be streaming my work from either the garage or our balcony (whichever gets a better signal I suppose). So the world has been turned on its head but life goes on. 

    We're lucky because Mike makes most of our income and he already teaches online. Chloe is not so lucky. Her school has been canceled, her dorm kicked her out, and she lost her hostess job at the restaurant in Columbia, Missouri. Her boyfriend is a chef at a restaurant in Missouri and he also lost his job.  With no income and nothing keeping them there they are driving here. They leave on Monday and will start the long drive through Oklahoma and Texas. They will cross the border on Tuesday. Right now it's restricted to essential travel only, but as I understand, if she says she's going to stay at her parent's house and gives them our address they should get through. I'm not sure I'll be ok until they get here.

  In the meantime, we'll be getting ready for them and we're planning a garden right now. I'm not really a gardener, because, well it's a lot of work. However, with so many people in our house, we need to make sure there's always some food around.  Maybe you think that sounds extreme that there may be food shortages, but I recently read the Imperial Report. If it's even halfway right this is a very scary situation. The stress of this worldwide pandemic is giving me a tightness in my chest that I thought was the virus until I spent yesterday just working on my classes and NOT reading the latest horrible news, and it completely vanished. Anyway, wash your hands, help out your neighbors if they need it and stay strong ­čĺŚ


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