To Phoenix and back again

     On day two of our journey to Arizona, we crossed the border at Nogales in the cold and rain and wind. It was quite a shock to our systems after months on the warm sunny beaches of Mazatlán. Unfortunately, this was the day that the window we had repaired months ago after our car was broken into in Phoenix decided to stop rolling up and down. Pulling up to an international border and opening the door as opposed to rolling down your window apparently makes a bad impression, because the border agent inspected us THOROUGHLY. He even used a mirror to check under our car, and asked me if I was hiding drugs inside my dragon sculpture! I've never felt so intruded upon entering a country and it was my own country!

  By the time we reached Tucson, it was pouring and I immediately missed Mexico as I stood there getting soaked while I pumped my own gas (in Mexico they do it for you). The next morning was better. We woke up and saw the beautiful mountains outside our Airbnb, and headed out for the final 2 hours to Phoenix.

We left my dragon at the gallery. He's hanging around this hallway for a bit until the show in March. Then I shipped all my mask orders to save my customers from weeks of waiting as they go through customs. I really appreciate the US Post Office these days, fast and efficient.

Then we met up with our good friend, Kraig Rasmussen for the evening. In all the time I lived in Phoenix I never went hiking, so we went out hiking in the desert mountains that night (after I bought a winter coat, we were really cold!). Hiking in Phoenix is a pretty surreal experience.

       After a trip to our storage space and other various errands, we were back on the road again. Mexican border agents simply waved our packed car through without stopping which made it easier since our window mechanism was broken. Then we stopped for our new visas and reimported our car at immigration. All went smoothly and we're good in Mexico for another six months! This is a peacock we saw wandering around San Carlos our first night back in Mexico.

    This was sunset in San Carlos, and the end of day 5 on our journey up and back. We were so sick of driving, but just one more epic day was still ahead.

That last long drive was brutal because we were quite sore. We finally made it to our Airbnb in Culiacán which was a nice little place near Centro and the botanical gardens. This little kitty welcomed us and made us feel at home. 

        An airplane is on display outside the Science Center in Culiacán. We took a morning walk over there and took a look at the botanical gardens (from a distance). It made me realize this would be a great weekend trip from Mazatlán. Maybe during moto week when hundreds and hundreds of motorcyclists descend on Mazatlan for some festival. I think I'd rather miss that.

Anyway, we are now home, and gearing up for Carnaval. The girls kept things running here and Naomi made it to work in Lomas (a nearby neighborhood) without a hitch. She also mostly took care of the pets and the house as Phoebe got pretty sick this week. Now for some final touches on my millipede sculpture before I drop him off for the big parade.


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