First Friday and leaving Mexico

Friday was the Art Walk in the center of the city.

     This month Phoebe made some work and submitted it to the show. Here she is signing her work and filling out information cards for each of her paintings.

These are some of her small flower illustrations.

Mike brought in some of his newest paintings to display.

And this is a mask design by Chloe from when she came for winter break.

It was a chilly evening (for Mazatlán), but we still saw huge crowds walking through the gallery. People are excited about Carnaval and the city is filling up with people.

At the end of the night, I took down my dragon from the Gallery. I'm bringing him with us back to Phoenix for the "Mutant Piñata Show" at the gallery on Grand Avenue.

Yes! We are leaving Mazatlán! Well, Mike and I are for about a week. We need to stop in on our storage space and renew our 6-month visas. The girls are staying home to tend to the pets and the house. I took this photo of the moon at 4:30 this morning from the patio after we rolled out of bed to get started. It's a LONG drive. We did the first 7 and a half hours today.

I have to say we saw some interesting sights on our way north.

There was more than one truck carrying these interesting sculptures.

          Unfortunately, we burned out our interior car plug/ cigarette lighter a few months ago trying to make our coffee maker work in the car after a tropical storm, so traveling now requires us to use our phone as a GPS instead of our usual GPS. Generally, this works fine, except that our phone doesn't hold a charge for more than about 5 hours. We stopped at several Oxxos (convenience stores) on the way discreetly trying to charge our phone in the corner. Anyway, we finally made it to our first Airbnb in Ciudad Obregón, Sonora.

Anyway, it's a cute little place, but wow is it a tight squeeze for our car!


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