Painting the Millipede and meeting the neighbors

Over the last week, I've been trying to finish up my work on my latest sculpture.

As I mentioned in my last post I've been working on a Millipede to hang from the balcony of "Sea Of Possibilities" gallery to display during the big Carnaval parade at the end of the month.

He's actually in three sections to make transport easier and when he's hung he can be attached together on site. This is after some of the underpainting.

I did manage to finish his face yesterday.

As you can see from these photos I've been working on the rooftop balcony. While I worked this little guy would come out visit me.

          Anyway, it seems he decided to climb across the rooftops and landed in our back neighbor's patio that is all smooth stone with high stone walls. He could NOT escape and sat there crying until we finally figured out where he was. By then it was late at night and we went around the block to beg our neighbor, in Spanish, to come to retrieve our cat. It was the most awkward and embarrassing way to meet our neighbor. The man was in a bathrobe and going to bed! 

So now it is raining. My Millipede is stacked in our bedroom waiting to be finished. I think the rain will last another couple of days.

Until then the bedroom is crowded, but at least the cat is trapped inside!


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