The closed museum and the secret rooms

Over the last few days a local art student named Amira has been over on and off making plans with the girls and even making us a vegetarian tangine! (Not easy to find in Morocco!)

She's an incredible cook and this was awesome!

She also offered to walk us over to the art museum, which was unfortunately closed but the walk through this new part of the city was worth it!

We walked through a park near this little mausoleum.

We passed these large carnivorous birds. One was eating a large piece of meat.

Chloe and Amira at the park.

Almost there.

And that's the museum across the highway. Unfortunately we've been there twice and it was closed both times. I hope we go when it's open sometime!

I've been working on my sculpture a lot lately. My progress has been good and here you can see I've started to paint the sculpture.

While I was at the studio I helped out fellow resident artist, Florence, with her mask making project.

In the meantime this house we're staying in continues to surprise us! During our second week we found entry into this room under the stairs.

The door is very small, but it was like an apartment inside.

This was the first part of the little room, with a little closet.

This is one of the little windows into the living room.

The little bedroom.

Since we found that room, we've discovered more. Another door on our roof led to an apartment with another kitchen and an upper roof access. From the upper roof we can gaze out over the crooked chimneys of the bathhouse and see more stunning views of the medina.

The house, like everything here,  has more to see each time you look.


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