Opening Night, Henna and a photo shoot

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"When I first conceived of this project, my hope was to create something that related in way to my visit to Tétouan, Morocco. I had no idea how much this amazing place would change me. As I studied the city, met the people and began sketching, for me it was coming into a new world of sights, and smells and learning. Everyday I could see that my project needed more depth and dimension as I struggled to create an impression of this incredible place. I only hope that the people here can enjoy my vision of their city. As I return to my country Tétouan will travel with me in my heart."-Artist Statement for "Night Over Tétouan"

The last few days before my opening were an intense amount of work while I finished the painting on my installation. While I worked on it, some girls from the art school took Chloe, Phoebe and Naomi over to the hammam which is a Moroccan bath house. I'm so glad they went and tried it! They have been pushing to go back, I hope we have time.

A lot of hours later, I did of course finish.

Here it is in standard lighting, but not what I had planned. I packed a couple of black lights with me to activate all my glow paint. 

Unfortunately the small ones I brought weren't working so well so the very first night we showed in in low light with the black light.

Then Jeff went out and found me a large black light that worked!!!

Children at the exhibit
It worked so well!

In fact they decided to extend the opening an extra day!

My poster (in English and Arabic!!)

I met so many incredible artists and people here, including Abdel Karim El Kamli, a very talented photographer who asked to do a photo shoot in front of my installation. On Wednesday he took these wonderful photos of this adorable kid.

This is in low light.

She's wearing a traditional costume called "Chadda Tetouania" made by Ziana Malika El Hadri. This costume is worn on the "Night of Power". A special night of Ramadan when sky opens and god will hear and answer all your prayers or send you a dream vision. Both are really good..

This is a photo in black light.

Because of Ramadan, my sculpture really spoke to the people of Tétouan. Every day they wait for the night when they can eat, and celebrate with their families.

After my show was up I had a minute to relax as well so the girls and I had some henna done.

Chloe's design stained very dark and fabulous.

This young woman came all the way from the mountains to work on our hands.

I wish this wasn't blurry but Phoebe's design was incredible!

And Naomi, brave girl had 2 hands done! 

Here's all of us together. I have my ring on but she worked around it.

My mint tea from a local cafe

Fortunately I had almost five more days of Tétouan after my show to enjoy this fabulous city!


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