Final frenzy

Prepping to go away for 5 weeks is, shall we say a bit intense. Prepping for an exterminator to come in and out while we're away is nuts. Half of our stuff is going into storage and the other half is wrapped in plastic....  We're just not there yet.

On top of that our airbnb host in Casablanca cancelled yesterday, so for over an hour I was sure we'd be sleeping on the streets when we arrived (ok, maybe not, but I'd made that reservation months ago!)... Anyway we've rented a different fabulous place on airbnb. Fingers crossed this one works out!

This is a not so great picture of Phoebe last week at her induction ceremony for the honor society (we took a bunch and this was the best one!). Anyway the kids have wrapped up at school and are getting ready to go as well. I have one more class to teach on Monday and I'll be done too!

Right now I'm in recovery. My tooth that hurts on and off got very painful on Monday and I had to get it extracted yesterday. After the dentist looked he said I needed a root canal on a different tooth as well. So yesterday I had oral surgery for 4 hours then stumbled off to teach my class with a swollen face. Mike came and helped me and he is awesome!

Today is packing, cleaning and moving more into storage..... Have an excellent weekend!


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