School, School, School

All three of my girls are back in school!

Phoebe started yesterday and is ready for 8th grade. She's T.A. (teaching assistant) for her theater teacher and for her English teacher from last year. She's also back with her friends and is deeply concerned about which musical her theater group will be performing for the Spring Show.

Chloe's been at school for a week and a half now. She's also T.A. for her poetry class. She just completed her first drawing assignment for mixed media and I think it came out pretty awesome...

She had to show an action in three panels.

 Anyway, the big news is that after applying all over town we found an awesome school for Naomi. She's been accepted into BASIS. It seems to be some kind of genius school, she's studying latin, chemistry, biology and physics this term! Today was her first day, and she grabbed the last seat in the art class, and immediately connected with the other students who were also fans of the Percy Jackson books.

In other news my hand painted skate deck, "Off With Their Heads", sold out of the {9) Gallery last month, which makes me very happy. We also heard yesterday that we're getting a discount on our rent this month for the air conditioning fiasco last week which left us sweating it out for 7 days. So Whoohoo!! Happy Tuesday :) 


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