Shakespeare and a parade of lights

The Tempest by Kelly Murphy

Last week Chloe performed in The Tempest with many other talented kids from the Metropolitan Arts Institute.

I was really quite impressed with their set design, lighting and sound effects throughout the show as well!

Unfortunately this is my best shot of the cast (they're bowing).  We were up in the balcony and didn't have the best angle for photos.  It was a great show, however!

On Saturday night we were invited over to a  friend's house to watch the big night time Christmas parade that just happens to go past their doorstep.  They were throwing quite the party that included many neighbors.

This float has Santa on a hammock between 2 palm trees.  One of the people from the party had just moved here this year from New Jersey and repeatedly marveled about watching a Christmas parade at night surrounded by palm trees on a brisk, but not really cold, evening.... It is kind of fun. :)

Here's a lower budget sort of float.

Here comes the sun!

The Christmas train.

Another train.   

Oscar being good at his first parade.

And a cactus balloon with Christmas ornaments on it... What do you want, we live in the desert!


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