Gingerbread trains and a light show

With the girls on winter break we headed out to do some holiday activities...

We went downtown to the Sheraton to see La Cordon Bleu's annual gingerbread house contest.

This year's theme was "The Polar Express".

Here's Naomi looking impressed.  She just spent the day before make gingerbread Christmas trees from scratch.

The bell in this one was hand blown sugar (I'm not sure what that means, but it sounds good!).

This is my favorite one because it looks like the train crashed.

Actually, we were all pretty amazed.

We also headed out to a resort in Scottsdale for something called "3-D Paintscaping"

The resort was beautiful with waterfalls and fountains everywhere.

We stopped in the lobby to check out the regional wildlife display.  This rattlesnake was particularly active.

Phoebe thought the snake was cool.

And Chloe thought the snake was hilarious (or maybe not, but this photo is pretty funny).

Then down in the canyon on the patio we watched the light show.  It didn't photograph well, though.

 During the light show we enjoyed some hot chocolate by the fire pit.  Which was great because I was so cold! (It was probably only 48ºF or so, but since moving here it's so miserable to be in the cold now) .
 After we came home that night we watched "The Polar Express", which was more surreal than I remember.  It was like having a strange dream and everyone in it was Tom Hanks.

In other news I finished my sculpture "Bookworm on a paper tree".  I'm also slowly progressing through the Santa Claus children's book and have been hired to finish "To Catch a Dragon", a children's book that I started work on 2 years ago but fizzled after the sketch phase

Tonight is Christmas Eve and tomorrow we head out of town to the mountains..... 

Have a great holiday!


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