Father's Day at the gardens

I think we're finally getting the hang of this whole desert in the summer thing.  We went out to The Desert Botanical Gardens for Father's Day....

Sounds good right? Wander through a desert garden in June.... Well, we packed A LOT of water, wore hats, and arrived at 7pm.

Entering the gardens.

Attaching the admission bracelets.

The gardens are quite beautiful this time of year.

This is a picture of a rabbit.  There must have been a rabbit warren under the gardens, because they were everywhere! The kids took the camera and ran around after them trying to capture a good shot.  We have about 50 pictures of blurry little tails or just nothing, because as you'll notice from this photo they are perfectly camouflaged with the ground.

The place is huge and a bit of a maze.  Of course we didn't bother to look at the map until we were thoroughly lost.

We did find the Butterfly Garden....

...And now I have many blurry photos of butterflies, that I will spare you from here.

We found a cacti sundial.

Naomi thought it was awesome!

This sculpture is called "The Earth has Been Good to Us."

There were birds, particularly quails, everywhere.  Here you can see one perched on a cactus.  They would walk across the trails leading their little babies along like funny looking ducks.

 There were pretty fountains.

Interesting sculptures...

...And some beautiful flowers.

Even in June, The Desert Botanical Gardens is a great evening out!
Superhero pose

Here it is. Father's day picture for 2013! (not that we have other years or anything).


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