Art of the Red River returns for June

Today is another episode of "Art of the Red River"!

by Eric James Duke

 Our first guest is Eric James Duke (insani artificem or MAD ERIC) is a predominately pen and ink artist while being classically trained in painting and sculpture. Though he has done some illustration, most recently HP Lovecraft’s “At the Mountains of Madness”, he is more of a gallery artist. He has had art shows in NY, PA, TX, CA, IA, and FL. His art has also appeared in various magazines, including ‘Churn Magazine’ issue #9, available through Last Gasp’s website in the coming months. He uses a 6x0/.13 Koh-I-Noor rapidograph pen and pointillism to achieve his depth and lighting. Currently he lives and works in Livermoore, CA.

by Calvin Innes

 Next on the show is artist Calvin Innes. He's the author of a number of children's books including, " The Monster Book Of.." series of educational books, the popular Tiny Twisted Tales series of spooky and macabre children's books, How To Draw Monsters with Calvin Innes - a step by step drawing guide, the Commander Recyclone & the Eco Rangers series of books, to name just a few. He founded his publishing company, My Little Big Town, in 2011 and they now work with numerous authors and artists from all corners of the world. He lives and works in Yorkshire in the UK, with his wife, his young son and three cats.

by Holly Chamberlain

Our final guest is Maine artist, Holly Chamberlain. She has taught photography at Sanford High School and graphic design and drawing at Heartwood College of Art and River Tree Center for the Arts. Her brand, Fish House Designs, is primarily a line of greeting cards, calendars and prints from her original paintings inspired from her life by the sea.Her work has been licensed to Trader Jo's, T-shirt companies, logo designs, commission work, hand painted furniture and murals. Be sure to listen in!!


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