A Bear for Christmas

It's one of those weeks where things seem to be shaping up. EBay was going well so our shopping was done for Christmas except for gifts for each other between me and Mike, when of course everything begins to break.  First it was our tablet that we use to draw with on the computer, then in the same day my computer bit the dust.  So much for buying gifts for each other.  I was feeling pretty down, because the kids get upset when every gift under the tree is for them and there's nothing for us, also there's rent and food and .... Well, the usual.

Then I cleaned my kitchen and took out the trash.  I spied him in the corner sitting alone near the dumpster, where residents put things they just can't bear to throw out (ok, sorry about that.).

Anyway, I brought him home and decided to clean him up.  I figured my kids were too old, but maybe there was a prechool that would love him!

Okay, I was wrong....

They absolutely LOVE him!  They frantically cleaned their room to find a spot for him!

So now I'm feeling better.  Christmas will be whatever it will be, and this homeless, ginormous bear is here to stay. 


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