The archeological park and another parade!

With all three girls home for a long weekend, I've decided it keeps me saner if we go out on the town.  Yesterday we headed over to the Pueblo Grande Museum and Archeological Park, which is a 1,500 year old Hohokam village right here in the city (next to the airport of all places, so if you're laid over in Phoenix it's something to do!).

Phoebe outside the museum and at the start of the trail.

Naomi posing as we head out.
As you can see the park provides really huge and excellent umbrellas for rain or shine.

Chloe on the trail
Chloe however refused to grab one (she also refused to use the one I gave her).  She's already known at school as that sunscreen girl, I guess umbrellas are just too much.  I told her that people with melanin aren't as aware of what it's like to have a painful sunburn that lasts 2 to 3 weeks.  For me and my kids it means loading up on painkillers and crying yourself to sleep night after night till it finally subsides.

A painted rock
Naomi looking around a structure
Craftsmen worked here during the day.
These adobe structures were very interesting.  The best part was going inside...
The park was a great day out.  We also enjoyed the Native American dancers out front. 

Today was Veterans Day so we headed up the street to watch the parade.  This u-haul led the parade.  I guess it was sponsored by u-haul or something.

Rosie the riveter
This is a balloon of "Rosie the Riveter" from the Norman Rockwell painting.

These soldiers were carrying the biggest American flag I've ever seen.

I think it's too large for any flag pole.

This is a nuclear fire truck for putting out radioactive fires from the Palo Verde nuclear plant. Not sure how I feel about this, should I be bothered there's a nuclear reactor right outside the city, or just glad they have one of these awesome trucks?  I'll go with the second one.

Anyway, America's ginormous balls were out on display.

Here are some men being pulled by small horses.  They helped make up for the severe lack of Shiners in this parade.

We were positioned near the end of the parade and poor Uncle Sam was not doing well.

As you can see from the back his legs were rolling up he'd lost so much air.  In fact right after they past us the balloon handlers saw they were close to the end and started running with him.

This is the "Phoenix" a military ship named for the city. (It's actually a replica, the real one's much larger.)

After a couple hours we headed home for lunch, which included fresh squeezed lemonade.

Lemon bars
This is our other weekend activity.  Making lemon food.

Candied lemon peels
In fact I'm making lemon pie tonight. We're not making much headway on all the lemons though I picked at least 10 more off the tree this weekend!


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