Thanksgiving in Sedona

Like loads of people we headed out of town for the holiday weekend..
This was our cottage at the Sedona Pines Resort.

I loved the beautiful mandala that hung over the breakfast nook.

 On Thanksgiving day we headed over to Rim Rock for the afternoon.

We enjoyed a fantastic meal with family.

Mike's little cousin has gotten so big!
 The next couple of days we enjoyed the amenities of the resort.

We attempted mini-golf again.

Naomi got VERY into the game. 

We went to Sedona's main street area to explore.

Discovered a shop full of Christmas.

Nothing says Christmas like a glittery gun.

For the evening we hiked into the Peace Park up to the Amitabha Stupa.

There were many offerings left on the trail.

Almost there!

Arriving at the stupa.

We studied the offerings at the base of the Amitabha Stupa. I still don't know what the bowls of water are for.

We hiked a little further to the big buddha perched on the cliff above.
The girls carefully built some rock towers near the base.

Mike studying the Tara Stupa.

As we hiked around the Peace Park we found the smaller Tara Stupa.
Sedona is a beautiful place.

This week my hand turkeys were featured in several articles.  There was this one in the Huffington post , and this one at, and this one went up on Sunday! Yay publicity!


we ( hubby and I) have always wanted to go to Sedona. Thank you for sharing your happy memory making Wishing you a beautiful day and sending an invitation for you to share your blog at my blog hop today. Hugs!

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