Visiting the cottages

Last Sunday Chloe's friend brought her out to Sea World for the day (note to self get some rich friends to take me places).  Phoebe was invited to a birthday party for a boy who has a crazy sense of humor, and since the party was on April Fools day, she insisted on arriving very early to avoid being "pranked".  So it was just down to Mike, Naomi and me, so what to do?

There's always something to do in Balboa Park... So off we went (no we did not take old timey bicycles there- this guy was there already).  What we did do was visit the International cottages open house.

Here's Naomi lurking around Puerto Rico's house.

There was a beautiful Persian painting inside Iran's cottage.

Each house has information about the country, art and food to sample.

I loved the potato soup and the step dancers in Ireland. Though I was quite sure they were going to stamp on my feet.

In the Ukraine house there was an artist demonstrating their egg decorating technique.

Inside China house was a giant puppet.

Naomi had her name written in Mandarin.

The little tin men in Spain were fantastic.  We love visiting the cottages, talking with people and trying food from around the world.

This week I repainted the bird cage for the play (Once Upon A Mattress).
Like I have time to do everything two or three times.... GAHHH!  Anyway it looks better to me now. Today I'm painting the mattresses. Wish me luck!


Unknown said…
I've lived in San Diego since I was in my early 20s and while I've been all over Balboa Park, I've never visited the cottages. They have always been on my "to do" list but never got done. I'm so glad you posted your visit to them. Now I have to go see for myself. Thanks.
Oh you should go! The food samples are free, though they would like a donation and at 2pm on Sunday the lawn program starts which is a big festival featuring one of the countries. Last week it was the Pacific Islands. :)

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