Mysterious wounds

Mike and I noticed today that we have matching scratches on our legs, and neither of us remember getting them. I immediately began to imagine disturbing scenarios involving bug eyed aliens with strange medical instruments or vengeful poltergeists from under the bed. While Mike began to study the boxes of books stacked near the door to our bedroom looking for a protruding object that may have caused us damage. Men are so logical. I still say my alien theory holds water, though, there was obviously a memory wipe involved.

 Now for your enjoyment, here's a video of Phoebe's impression of aliens landing. (Maybe that's what it is-I found it on my computer today and couldn't stop laughing!)


Unknown said…
I would be happy to add a mandala if it included one of my digi stamps (I couldn't reply to your I visited here *wink*).

Have a great day!

P.S. Love your illustrations!
daphne sy said…
hahah its cute. .well maybe you got the scar from something :))

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