The showerhead.... My old nemesis/my new friend

Ever since we moved here 2 years ago, we've had a hand held shower head in the bathroom.  The long tube dangled down as it rested in it's over head position and yanking the tube was the only way my youngest daughter could get it down to hold it. Why she needed to hold it is still a mystery to me as she could have just stood under it, but kids are... mysterious. Anyway she broke the gripper within a month and it rested up there precariously.  Every day I would turn the water off and the change in pressure would send the hand shower crashing down on my head.  Some days I jumped out of the way.  Lots of days I didn't.  Last week the whole device came crashing down on me and we installed a new not hand held shower head that stays in place.  It's fantastic and has many settings and hasn't brained me even once!!  I still wince though when I shut the water off.

As you can see I'm still posting "Hand Turkeys"

They're still for sale on many products in "The Hand Turkey Store"

And I've even entered a bunch of them into a "Hand Turkey Contest" online. Feel free to check it out!


Angelia Sims said…
Oh my gosh! I can't imagine the dodging you had to do. I bet it's nice to have a "normal" shower. The hand turkeys are too cute. Good luck in the contest!
Fawn said…
Funny. The things that are important to us. A good shower head is crucial. I get great enjoyment out of a wonderful shower so hopefully you're still enjoying your new showerhead :).
It's six months later and I still like my shower. :)

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