drawing and packing and a party...

I'm racing in circles this week. I have work to get done, classes to teach, a trip to plan and Phoebe is turning TEN tomorrow!  We're having her party at the children's museum downtown.  We've been planning that for months and then I went in to schedule it only to find that their theme for the next few months is "Trash".  Which I'm sure makes an interesting and educational visit but not what Phoebe was hoping for. She's decided to go with it anyway.

I just received the go ahead on some of my pieces for the "Catch a Dragon" children's book.  I thought I'd share some of the sketches...
This one is a double page spread.

This guy needs to be softened up. Maybe some eyelashes.
Another double page spread. This one will probably be cut. Too scary.

This page was good as is (I have to paint it of course).

On Sunday we leave for our trip to Boulder, Colorado.  We failed to find someone to watch our cat ( it seems all kennels and pet sitters need about 2 weeks notice for Thanksgiving week). So our cat's coming along!  She probably won't enjoy it. She never eats when she's in the car, but she's been getting pretty fat lately anyway.


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