Three days and counting....

I'm making progress on "Nunsense".  I cleared my schedule this week so I can finish painting the three backdrops necessary to make it look like a school gymnasium.
This is where I finished yesterday (with Chloe's help.)  The gray will be tiles, the blue will be lockers and the black square is a pay phone (it's an old school).

Me working on the tiles...

This blurry photo shows where I stopped today (I also started the other 2 backdrops).

This is the car for the "Drive-in scene".  I painted it last week.

This window was started last week as well.  I finished it yesterday though...

This is the finished window.

As you can see it looks better onstage.

In fact most of these things look better onstage!

Only three days and two nights till the show opens on Friday.  I think the actors may have to watch out for some wet paint!!


Wow, it's really neat how great that stuff looks once it's all put together! You guys are so talented!!
Thanks! Yes-once it's all together it looks good. Getting there is the struggle. :)
Anonymous said…
I love getting to see these backdrops in their various stages.

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