Halloween on the "Art of the Red River"

For our Halloween episode we have special effects artist and reality TV show star, Megan Areford, from last season's run of "Face-off" on the Syfy channel. Megan grew up in Pittsburgh, PA in a loving household with her mother and stepfather. At the age of seven, her grandmother taught her how to put on makeup and encouraged her to paint and draw. She's a graduate of Tom Savini's Special FX School of Makeup.

Megan Areford with one of her creations

Our next guest is horror artist Joel Trudeau from Niagra Falls in Ontario, Canada. He's the lead artist of Wormfood Studios, and currently lives with his wife in Brampton, Ontario. 

by artist Joel Trudeau

Our third guest will be Mark Thompson from Monstark Studios. Mark is the primary artist for bay area band "Nuclear Rabbit" and has a natural tendency towards drawing horrible monsters. Mark resides reclusively in San Rafael, California with wife and fellow weirdo, Laura. 
by Mark Thompson  

Our final guest is artist Robert Logan from S. Harpswell, Maine. His electric paintings appear on Pirate Ware, Beer advertisements and even Food trucks!

Some of Robert's client's include Red Bones, Capitol Records, Peabody Essex Museum, and YMCA...

Robert Logan painting

Tune in and listen to great conversations in art!!!


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