Good Times

Two days ago my 8 year old, Naomi, asked me to check tomorrow's weather for her.  So I popped open my laptop and quickly viewed the weather forecast.
 "73 degrees and sunny .  That means warm and sunny."
"Ok, Mom"
Except the next day was drizzly and overcast and a little chilly. So Naomi cornered me. "Mom, you were wrong!"
"I wasn't wrong -the computer was wrong."
"Oh, your computer is broken."  Then she let me off the hook.

Downtown in San Carlos de Bariloche

I've been missing life in Bariloche lately so I thought I'd share these other silly stories ….

As a family we made our way slowly down Calle Mitre in Bariloche.  This was the downtown tourist district and the street was lined with cafes and chocolate shoppes and filled with people.  A six year old Phoebe bent down and picked up a tiny, plastic toy off the sidewalk.
"Look what I found Daddy!" She said waving it up high to show us the little prize she found. It was a cheap little thing from inside a chocolate prize egg that are commonly sold in the chocolate boutiques. Immediately, 4 year old Naomi burst into hysterical tears. 
"I didn't get one!"
So Mike turns to her calmly and says "Don't worry you can have the next piece of crap we find on the sidewalk."

Phoebe and Naomi took baths together when they were 4 and 6 and we were having a problem.  They would decide to make it a bubble bath when I left the room and dump in all the shampoo.  They were even doing this with the "Head and Shoulders" shampoo, which was alarming as that shampoo was full of chemicals and expensive.  Mike went in and "discussed" the problem (loudly) with the 2 girls, and they promised to not do it again.
The following week, Mike traveled back to New York and I was with the kids alone in Bariloche. I walked in every 4 minutes or so to check on the girls in the bath and there was Phoebe holding the "Head and Shoulders" bottle.
"Don't worry Mommy. I just put a little on my shoulders." 

In more recent news we just had a great review of our comic "The People That Melt in The Rain" go up here, as well as this interview called "13 Questions for Mike and Carolyn".

Hasta luego. :)


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