Mike and I went walking on the path behind the condo where we live yesterday evening. It was nice to walk by the river, passing joggers and dogs with their owners. Happily ignoring the helicopters swooping overhead, until we hear from their bullhorn "WE HAVE YOU COMPLETELY SURROUNDED!". That stopped us in our tracks. Needless to say they weren't talking to us. Apparently the police were scaling the fences into a neighboring housing complex. Now I shudder when I hear the helicopters... Which is almost all the time here.

The public path is really quite nice though, and the kids enjoyed decorating it last week with their sidewalk chalk.

There are always good and bad things where ever you live. Chloe has a school requirement to volunteer in the community and because we live in the city there are some great opportunities right nearby. The maritime museum is looking for volunteer hobbyists to build models, and the California Ballet Company needs people to help with their costume inventory. Sounds like it could be fun.


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