The Storm

Right now we're getting hit with another "Nor-easter" , the paper said to expect 10"-12" of snow. The snowflakes are very small and sting your face when you walk outside. Just walking from the car to the house my face and hair got pretty wet and frozen. From inside, the storm makes our house seem cozy and safe. I like how a blanket of snow cleans up my yard, and the multitude of scattered sand box toys disappear from sight. I've lived with snow storms like this one my whole life so far, it's strange to think this could be the last one for a long time. So far this winter's been really easy so I can't complain, or could I? Isn't that why most people blog?
We're almost done with our basic portuguese CD's only one (and a half) lessons left, then it's on to conversational. It's great to be making progress, I only wish the kids were more interested. A few years back I decided to get the Muzzy DVDs in french. We bought some french children's books and even found some dolls that speak in french. The kids picked up a few words, and Mike and I learned a lot.
Ever since we started portuguese they've been asking Why? Do we have to? Why are we learning this? Since we're waiting till two months before the actual move to tell them, all we can say is "Just in case we go to Brazil some day". I guess this isn't a good enough answer, last week Chloe told Mike that she was working hard to "ignore the portuguese". Oh well, they say kids pick up languages quickly once they're immersed in it. I guess we'll be testing that... If only they would try.


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