New Beginnings

My name is Carolyn Watson Dubisch, and if you're reading this I'm simply amazed.  I currently live in the tiny town of Greenville, New York in the shadow of the Catskill mountains.  My husband, Mike Dubisch, and I are both commercial artists and teach children's art classes out of our studio. We have three little girls, an old gray dog, and a young gray cat. 

I decided to start blogging about our latest journey.  The biggest thing we've ever decided to do.  We're moving our life and our family to South America.  We have many reasons, not the least of which is the cost of our health insurance, which is now more than our monthly mortgage. 

The city we've decided on is in Brazil. It's called Curitiba, and is situated on a plateau in the southern part of the country. The city has good public transportation and is very focused on recycling.  Recently they even found a world famous painting in the trash thanks to their careful sorting!  We think we'll be able to get the visa, but Brazil is tricky. They have a reciprocal program.  Whatever your country's immigration policy is for Brazilians, that is the process that you must go through to enter Brazil.  Unfortunately since 9-11 it hasn't been easy for Brazilians or anyone from the Third world to get in this country.

Anyway this is the beginning of our journey and the beginning of my blog.


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