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There was an article in the paper yesterday about Global Warming and the news was so dire. Food and water shortages for billions within the next 20-50 years. It was of course on page three and when I picked up the paper today, I noticed there was no mention. Mike said sarcastically, "Well, that was yesterday's news."

It's really brought me down these last couple of days. Today I mentioned it to my friend Julie Anne, who runs the story time I bring my three year old to. She was so relieved to hear someone else was as affected by it as she was. Her husband could care less and her brother called her a "Gore Lover" (I image Al's wife would be thrilled to hear that particular term).

I'm so tired of these "flat-earthers", even president pin-head has admitted global warming is a reality. I guess on the plus side it's all moving fast enough that no one will deny it in a few more years.... That's a really lame plus side, I wish I could let myself be a "flat-earther"


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