Birthdays and Dreams

In the last few weeks our oldest daughter, Chloe came out to Mexico for a visit to celebrate her 24th birthday! It was a good visit, she brought her little cat, "Wednesday" and has been working out a way to return to school since she was derailed by pandemic issues (fun times!....Stupid pandemic).
Here are Chloe and Naomi as we traveled out by water taxi to explore Stone Island on Chloe's birthday.

Mike and I on the boat! (It was a super hot and humid day, so "regular" for this time of year in Mazatlán)

Shortly after Chloe's birthday is Naomi's birthday. Here they are turning 19 -You can see it happening in the photo! Right?

That day we took a walk around the Liverpool mall and found this alarming sight!
In the mean time, I have been busy with books, making masks and various projects. Mike is back at work as the new semester has started and I have to attend the "Back to School Night" next week as I'm teaching art again at The Mapletree Academy.
I've also started a dream journal, which is much more challenging than I imagined it would be. Sitting up and writing down sentences when you are half asleep and can barely see is tough!
Anyway this was this morning's entry and it's fairly bizarre:
I'm in a program with other children. We are living in a massive house with a cornfield inside. There are also bedrooms and a kitchen. The cornfield is full of crickets and night noises. We mainly eat various corn dishes.


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