The Sketchbook Fire

This is a pile of the many sketchbooks Mike pulled from storage on his recent trip to Phoenix. He grabbed them so we could share as much of our old sketchbooks as possible on our Tiktok Channel
This is a project we started in December because both Mike and I have boxes of old sketchbooks, mostly unseen by the public so we decided to make a digial record of them.

During the last few years we got involved with "The Sketchbook Project". It's an initiative at the Brooklyn Art Library that has artists, writers and some regular people create a sketchbooh for their collection (which is massive). They are digitally recorded in their database, available for check out and sometimes go on tour to other cities in shows and events.
Above is the cover of my sketchbook "Kragglepus"created for "The Sketchbook Project" in New York. (online here)

This is art from Chloe's sketchbook (online here)
Recently they were moving the collection in New York and the van caught on fire! They lost 25% of the sketchbooks!! They are devastated and so are we. Mostly because we have no idea if our books still exist,but also because they really have beautiful books in their collection and SO many people have worked hard on them.

The cover of my first sketchbook -A story called "The Thing in the Lake" (online here)
And this is from Mike's sketchbook:

His book is online here
Hopefully these digital files are not all that's left of these books. I also hope the library and collection can bounce back from this blow.


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