Semana Santa is madness and a new book release!! (or two)

 This is Easter week so this city is packed. Hotels are at 80% capacity and traffic is madness.  I'm sure we have COVID spikes in our future.


This is not my photo but beaches are very crowded and we've been staying away. I wish I could also stay off the roads.

On Wednesday a very much starving little kitten came in our yard and after a dramatic fall from a tree, we've decided to foster her until we can find a good home. For now we've been calling her Ash  Wednesday, because she's marked on her forhead. Also we found her on Wednesday.

In other exciting news, my new book(s) came out about Mazatlán.  This is for English and this is for Spanish.  Because of this and all the new releases I've been doing some interviews. This one with Blackbird news, this one about my 2 new books, and this one on Art Amore Magazine. I also had a  recorded interview on UK talk radio, and honestly I'm wiped from promoting but it's part of being an author.  Also this article was just published listing great books for teaching compassion (spoiler, my book tops the list!)

Anyway the girls and Mike are in the midst of a busy semester and we continue to ponder how to get vaccinated. We're seriously thinking of returning to the US for shots! We shall see, once more people are vaccinated in the States we're hoping it will at some point be really easy to get appointments. Then maybe it will be feasible to fly up and get the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. Either way Phoebe has decided to go back to study on campus this fall so she wil be in Arizona. It's so hard to make plans with COVID in the air.


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