Plague Days 2020: New Books!


The last 10 days have been very exciting for me. I just had the first issue of my comic series, "The Dragon in the Closet" launch on in a nice, shiny 52 page paperback. Also, it's been released on Amazon and as an eBook available in the Google Play store here.

I hope you'll take a look at my new series (and maybe post a review if you liked it!!)

Also the hardcover version of my new children's picture book "Andy and The Pharaoh's Cat"   came out on Wednesday. It's also coming soon in paperback to Amazon.

"Andy has a starring role in his school play! He's playing the Pharaoh, the most important person. Little does he know a mischievous cat will bring him face to face with the real Pharaoh in an exciting Egyptian adventure he'll never forget!"

Anyway if you have any small children in your life this picture book makes a great gift! 


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