Plague Days 2020: A Fire

     On July second, our gas stove made a "FLOOSH!" noise while cooking and hug flame rose out, and then it was all smoke everywhere! We looked through those little slats with a light and could see the fire burning inside the wall. We dumped water over and over but we couldn't get it to go out! The smoke just kept pouring out and filling the house, so we tried to call 911... Then we learned 911 doesn't work in Mexico. So we texted our landlord, who called the fire department for us. So while we waited for them to come, (which feels like an eternity when your place is filling with smoke.) we got the kids and the pets out into the yard, Mike started loading our car with valuables (because we weren't going to lose everything this time!), and I kept trying to dump water on the stove/wall. I know this doesn't look like a big deal, but it was crazy. The firemen got it out, shut off the gas and electric took our name and left. The crazy thing is I still don't know how to call the fire department.

   This is a picture of my dog, Oscar. I put this here because #1 He's cute and #2 He thought the fire was exciting and #3 He really digs that we're all in quarantine together.

   Actually, while we're still staying home a lot, Chloe has been spending some time on the beach now that it's open again. On the first day there she lost her glasses in the ocean which was fun. Fortunately, Walmart optical has contacts in stock that fit her prescription. Chloe's been busy making plans to return to the states for school in the fall. I hope Chicago can keep their number of cases down so she can do this. Right now things are looking pretty bleak in the states though.

If she does manage to go she'll be bringing these 2 little kittens with her. They're from the litter we were fostering and now they're hers.

   In the meantime, I'm continuing my work on my webcomic for kids "The Dragon in The Closet". Which updates every Saturday morning.  Also my other all-ages webcomic "The Horribles" is being released chapter by chapter here and updates every Sunday. I'm writing a new series in the sci-fi genre which I hope to show you some art from soon!


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