Painting in Walamo

All week long I've been traveling out to Walamo. A small town south of Mazatlán, Mexico. Through dusty roads full of chickens, stray dogs and a few random horses (and of course, cars, trucks, motorcycles, pedestrians everywhere, aka driving in Mexico).

This was my original design, but I reworked it when I saw the wall. The town is mainly agricultural based. They grow chilis, and corn and fish for shrimp in the estuaries, so the design is intended to reflect local industry.

Each day they gave me an amazing locally made breakfast and the students assigned to work with me would get started.

It's a very big wall and the kids were incredibly hard working. I think they were all excited to participate.

       It was interesting to see a public secondary school here in Mexico. The kids started school early, 7:30 am and left every day by 1pm. The school itself had some pretty run down facilities and needed repair, but everyone was feeling the mural was really brightening up the campus!

  Today we finally finished!

   In another week or two there will be a dedication with the school superintendent and other official people. Anyway that should be interesting. 


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