Busy, busy days and nights

            Yesterday, my oldest daughter, Chloe, celebrated her 21st birthday. She spent the day with her friends in Columbia, Missouri (where she has been all summer) .  I don't think it's as big a deal for her as she spent last year in Glasgow, Scotland where the legal drinking age is 18. Anyway, school begins for her in about a week and she starts her senior year at Stephens College.

Phoebe arriving in Phoenix

      About a week ago, Phoebe traveled home from Yale. Her astrophysics program was a life changing experience and she is still processing all that she learned. She failed to book her shuttle to JFK 24 hours in advance so she had to work out how to get there using the various train routes from New Haven to Grand Central Station to using the subway to Queens. It was an epic journey but she managed it very smoothly and she gained a great respect for public transportation.
    In just 2 weeks she'll be flying back to NYC for her next, semester long program at the Masters School, called "City Term" . There she will learn the history of  NYC and explore the city and various neighborhoods on her own and with other students.

 I've been working pretty steadily on very many masks and of course as our final moving date approaches a huge order of bird masks has come in for a music video in Brooklyn, NY. Since then I have placed my mask store in vacation mode until we are set up in our new place.

In the last few weeks we've packed, and sorted, and discarded and sorted some more. Moving is hard, and it just keeps going....


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