Graduation Day

       This week has been a blur of finishing things. I taught my last class at Madison Elementary, I finished the illustrations and final digital work on my children's book commission, "Annie Goes to Oak Island", and finally, Phoebe finished her finals and projects is now done with her last semester at high school!

On Thursday Chloe spent the day in the Saint Louis airport, just waiting and waiting for her flight home. The tornadoes have been raging across the midwest and are pretty focused on Missouri these days. It took off 5 hours late and she finally landed in Phoenix well after midnight. At least she got a flight voucher!

Friday was graduation day, and Phoebe was ready!

She decorated her cap with a unit circle from pre-calculus. Considering she hand painted it flawlessly, I was pretty impressed!

Phoebe onstage!

Afterwards posing with her rose.

Phoebe and Mike after the ceremony. Love these guys!!

On Tuesday at midnight Mike and I are leaving for our trip to Mexico City for our 25th wedding anniversary.


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