A Halloween photo shoot

One of my clients, Carisa Wenstrom, sent me photos of my Voodoo Bird Skull Mask used in this spooky photo shoot!

The atmosphere is great in so many of the photos!

And the rest of the costume is quite impressive!

This particular mask is a newer design so I haven't seen many photos of people wearing it.

The results of their photos are stunning!

Usually with a photo shoot of my masks I share 2-3 images, but with these I just can't help but share more....  I guess you get the idea.

Anyway This week we were invited as a family to our first Quinceañera! I'm super excited and can't believe that we have 3 daughters and have lived in Argentina and the southwest United States all these years and haven't gotten an invite sooner! Anyway it's for a friend of Naomi's.... Now to buy the perfect gift!

A Quiet Place to Read

I've also been working more on adding images to my Red Bubble page . It's been an interesting experience to try and build a new network and portfolio there.

Inside The Witch's Cottage

I'm trying to add a few new images a week. We'll see if I can keep it up. 

     In the mean time the fires that have been raging in California have been thankfully far from Phoebe at school in Napa. According to her and the school it is quite smoky outside and she tells me she's just been staying indoors in the art studios getting work done (yes, that's definitely a kid of mine!). Anyway, she comes home this Friday. I've been using her room to pack and ship masks so I'd better clean it up! 

Chloe isn't coming home from Scotland for Thanksgiving, but has been invited to Sweden by her good friend and suite mate to visit her hometown. She found a plane ticket for only 20£, hopefully she won't be strapped to the wing for such a cheap flight!


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