A day in Kilkenny and progress on my project (YAY!)

Kilkenny Castle from the rose garden

So we did it! We booked a cab to get us into town for the day in Kilkenny. It cost 60 euro, plus the 90 euro we handed out to our kids to go wander the city and then the cost of dinner, so all in all Ireland's expensive. 

To be fair, we always travel to countries with the exchange rate in our favor, so it's giving us a bit of sticker shock.  Anyway the city of Kilkenny was full of incredible places to draw so after getting the kids off,  Mike and I wandered around and looked for opportunities.

After drawing the crows at a rooftop cafe I drew the south tower of the castle, while Mike drew the opposite one.

Here's Mike, after we met up with the girls (who spent hours walking the city and shopping).

It didn't take Chloe long to find the local library.

Mike and Naomi walking along the River Nore. As you can see Kilkenny is a very picturesque little city.

Kilkenny Castle from the bridge on the river.

After we met with the girls we ate at a pub called The Playwright (not this one) and headed back up to the castle where we were to meet our cab driver.

But first we walked along the river to get there (it's a beautiful river!)

Phoebe next to the castle.

Naomi looking out from the castle grounds.

Phoebe and Naomi talking in the rose garden.

This photo is of the River Nor from above. It's a bit hard to see but I think this picture is wonderfully layered so I'm sharing it here.

Phoebe taking a picture of the statue peeking over the wall. From here we headed across the road to meet up with Mic our cab driver, (who's Irish accent is so strong that I only understand one in three words). Eventually he showed up to bring us back.

Anyway, since our trip to Kilkenny I've managed to completely paint my book project "An Caisleán" and started working on the back cover. Here is my completed sculpt of the back cover.

And here it is painted. The last step is the sculpt and paint the cover, then hopefully I can make a short video of the project! (Though uploading it may have to wait till I get back to Dublin!)

While we've been here in Ireland, Mike's publisher has gone live with his website. Which is great news! Now you can order Forbidden Futures quarterly magazine here!!


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