Phoebe's application and another vanishing cat

This week my high schooler, Phoebe finished a project she's been working on all year. It's a self portrait for her application to the Oxbow school.

I'm just floored by how beautiful it looks all together. She eliminated something like 20 other images that were nearly as great.  Oxbow is a visual arts boarding school in the mountains near San Francisco, where students attend for 1 semester of high school. They offer many scholarships and hopefully Phoebe will be so lucky. Either way I'm really proud of all the work she did!

In other, sadder news our new cat, Rorschach, has vanished. He must have gotten outside. We've been searching and posting signs, but no luck. It's been pretty disheartening. I also have a lovely head cold, which is making things a bit on the miserable side.

I do have some good news though. Right now I'm making some monster masks for Sean Penn's new show on Hulu. Pretty exciting resume stuff. Also prepping for my teaching artist job next month at Copper Canyon Elementary. I'm running mask making workshops with the kids there and introducing them to my work. So March will be a busy teaching month worked around my usual teaching schedule.

Anyway, have an excellent Thursday!


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